Tiago Möller is an experienced 2d artist, mainly focused in illustration, born in Curitiba/Brazil, that started his professional career as an illustrator in 2012. In 2010 he bought his first Wacom tablet, to be able to make digital paintings for student car design challenges from companies such as Ford and Volkswagen. After not being successful in his attempts he found himself without motivation to follow a product designer career (his undergraduation degree), but at the same time very excited about making characters and illustrations in his new device, which led him to a self education process to become an illustrator. In 2012 he got a job at DKO Estudio, where he worked for two years and a half in editorial and publishers illustrations. In the end of 2014 he decided to head into learning animation, being hired by Dogzilla Studio, where he worked in app's animations and in the Playkids animated series called "Junior on the Job" with ToonBoom software. In 2016 he moved to Paris/France to take his career to a next level and enter in the game industry. There he worked at Pretty Simple Games, the creators of the famous Facebook game: Criminal Case, as a 2D artist. He later moved to London/UK where he currently lives, working at Gamesys as a Game Artist, developing high quality graphic slot games from scratch to fully polish. In his free time he dedicates himself to personal projects. He also works as a freelancer and has many clients, from publishers to game developers.

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Some of the main recent clients are: